Imam Muhammed Ibn Abd Al Wahab Mosque

Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque

Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque, also called the Qatar State Mosque is the  national  mosque of Qatar.

The mosque is built in traditional  style with modern features.

The mosque covers a total area of 175,164 sq.m. As many as 11,000 men can offer prayers in the air-conditioned central hall of the mosque and the adjacent special enclosure is spacious enough for 1200 women. There are three main doors and 17 side entrances to the mosque. As many as 28 large domes cover the central hall while 65 domes cover the outer quadrangle. On the whole the mosque can hold a congregation of 30,000 people.

At Saphir Prod, we have been working on this interactive virtual visit of this one of a kind mosque, we have been amazed by how big and how beautiful this mosque was.

The members of Saphir Prod’s team have done an good work by modelling all in 3D, we have done it carefully and with a lot of precision.

During the visit the user is able to see every details of the mosque just like if he was there in real life.