RC running

RC Running is an in-between casual and arcade game. It’s a running game. Drive one of the 4 different types of cars (buggy, 4×4 Big truck, Stylized texas truck and futuristic speed machine) to beat the longest session of the world, in the most freestyle run!

A completely realistic environment, fun and arcade, earn money to customize your machine, gain time, energy, replace battery and engine system. Become the best runner of your friends.


Rc Free Style :

RC Freestyle is the first production of SaPhiR Prod, and it is one of the most complex and beautiful game of the catalogue.

It’s a Radio Commanded Car racing game, on arcade style. You have the full physcial control of your cars, included in the aerial mode, using horse power of your engine to make great freestyle. Using one of the most realistic game engine and physic engine, your car will never be more realistic on mobile.

With three amazing level (international championship in Asia, indoor 3D track in Europe and Freestyle skatepark in USA) you will drive 4 different incredible Radio Commanded cars inspired from the top leading RC brands.

Arcade race, story mode and multiplayer will make you addict of this free game.

Don’t forget to play with your friends, create championship and of course improve and customize your cars.


Poker 2048:

Wanna be a winner, wanna have plainty of chips in your lucky hand, wanna win over the bank?

Play this amazingly funny new kind of game on the green carpet.

Play with number, make new tower of chips, create strategy and earn more and more on more than 120 challenge against the bank.

Ask for friends to rise the challenge, be the richest of your group.

Amazing graphics and SFX on an ultra simple, addictive, easy and social.





Heroes of the North is and original science fiction superhero web series that is produced in the province of Quebec, Canada. The story takes place in an alternate universe in which Canada has it’s own team of superheroes