We have produced an interactive virtual visit of the archaeological site of the ZUBARAH Castel in Quatar, medeled in 3D.
The user will be guided by a guide a character while he is doing the visit, the user also have an audio narration of the stiry of this archeological site “ The ZUBARAH Castel” . This virtual visit is made in real time. All what the user will see was modeled in 3D and in a very carefully way and by respecting all the details of this archaeological and taking on concederation all the specifics of the place. We have our touch we have made this application more funniest and more interesting by integrating to be used with the OCULUS Rift and this add a very funny and special use of the application because in this way the user will find him self for real in The ZUBARAH Castel in Quatar.


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