What's Ward & Cartouches?

In 2016, we have the pleasure to been contacted and choosen by the artists Houda GHORBEL and Wadii MHIRI to make their dreams come true and to avoid them a 3D catalog, and a  virtual visit of their Gallery “Ward&Cartouches”. Been charmed with the beauty and details of their pieces of art, we decided to put our expertise to realise the catalog and virtual visit of the gallery.

3D catalog for IOS

This is a 3D catalog for IOs users, available on the App Store.

The purpose of this catalog is to present live and realistic version of the pieces of art that have been exposed during the Gallery “Ward&Cartouche”.

in the catalog, the user can manipulate and interact with the scluptures since they are in 3D, turn them, zoom etc.

How do we have such a realistic results? at Saphir Prod, we have acquired 3D scanning technologies that allow us to have a result as perfect as the real one. Saphir Prod is the only and first studio in Tunisia and Africa that has used the scan technique, and has managed to set up a dedicated laboratory to always improve its work

VR Visit for Oculus and HTC Vive

This VR app is a virtual tour of the gallery “Ward & Cartouches” completely realised by Saphir Prod.

This visit is not the first that the Saphir Prod teams realise, we have made two others visits for two monuments, wich allowed us to have an  expertise that can not be found anywhere else than at Saphir Prod.

Just like the catalog, we used the 3D scan technique to get a realistic rendering.

This VR App is available fo both HTC Vive users and Oculus users.